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Note: For your security, Argos will never ask you for your memorable word or security number via email or over the phone.


Security Information

At Argos Card, we take your account security very seriously. We do not send emails requesting account or credit/debit card information from our customers. We therefore advise caution over any email requests that appear to have come from Argos Card that ask for account information.

We will never:

  • Ask for your personal information in an email
  • Ask you to tell us any of your login details via email or over the phone
  • Ask for your banking information online unless you're making a payment
  • Ask you to reply to an email
  • Ask for you to give your account or credit/debit card information via email
  • Ask for personal information for security reasons

If you believe you have received a suspicious email then please contact Argos Card Customer Services on 03456 400 700*.

* Lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 6pm Sunday. To maintain a quality of service, calls may be monitored or recorded. Call charges may vary please check with your provider.